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You feel lost, alone, and not sure what to believe anymore

When you start questioning the belief system you have built your life on, it can feel like you have lost everything. Family relationships become strained, it can be difficult to know who to trust, and even trusting yourself feels uncertain. There may be grief or anger or sadness or confusion, or many times you may vacillate between all of those difficult emotions. You don't know how to move forward without the structure religion provided for you. Losing your faith can be absolutely earth shattering.

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Faith Deconstruction Therapy in American Fork, UT

Our clinicians have experience working with people who have undergone the incredibly difficult process of stepping away from a religion or faith tradition. Our therapists can help you process your grief and anger. As well as navigate difficult relationships and find happiness and purpose again in the face of such loss.

There is hope and healing after deconstructing your belief system. Working with a faith transitioning therapist in American Fork, UT can help you navigate the uncertainty and grief that follows a big life change. Especially stepping away from your religious tradition. Contact one of our therapists today.

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You are not alone

Research shows that 75% of people who attend therapy report an improvement in their mental health. You do not have to walk this path alone.


Our therapists are trained in various models. For example, trauma focused models like Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy and EMDR. These modalities can be helpful when healing from the trauma of stepping away from religion or deconstructing your faith.

Stepping away from a faith tradition can be a very disorienting and lonely process. The path forward is uncertain. Navigating relationships, parenting, and even understanding how to relate to the world without the framework of religion can be fraught.  You do not have to navigate these uncertain paths alone.

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unsure how to move forward without your religion

Frustrated at the difficulty of managing relationships after you have stepped away

grief at the loss of your community and belief system

like no one understands what you're going through

Finding support from a faith transitioning therapist at our American Fork, UT practice can make a difference. Begin your healing journey today with The Family Therapy Clinic. Scheduling a session is easy. Take the first step now!
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Therapists who offer Faith Transition Therapy in American Fork, UT: 

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Cori Lazarte

Daniela Cadmus

Mackenzie Preza

Nikki Harmon

Michelle Beames

What they said:

karen p.

Nikki is absolutely wonderful to work with. I found her during the thick of my very complicated, lengthy, and heavy divorce.

She helped me find peace, clarity, healing, and ultimately hope through my difficult journey. She met me where I was at and helped me find strength to not only carry on but to progress in life. Nikki is full of compassion, wonderful insight, and wisdom. I cannot recommend her enough!


I met with Nikki Harmon during the darkest days of my life while dealing with infidelity and the divorce that quickly followed.

She connects through her gift of empathy. The connection with Nikki helped me and the children feel lighter and happier. It may not have solved the entire problem, but it for sure lightened that emotional load we were carrying. My son told me once, “it feels good to have a therapist who knows what we’re going through and doesn’t feel sorry for us.” She is just wonderful and I am grateful for her goodness.

You are stronger than you think you are.

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