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The amount of people suffering with anxiety has been consistently trending upwards, with an estimated 31.1% of adults experiencing an anxiety disorder at some point in their lives (National Institute of Mental Health)Anxiety disorders can affect your job performance, school work, and relationships. You may also notice it affecting your sleep, appetite and ability to focus. Anxiety can range from frustrating and distracting to completely debilitating.

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research shows that anxiety is highly treatable. 75% of people who attend therapy report improvement in their mental health. you do not have to suffer through anxiety.
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What is

Anxiety is intense worry or fear.  Anxiety can be normal in stressful situations such as public speaking or taking a test.  It is only an indicator of a mental health disorder when feelings become excessive, all consuming, and interfere with daily life.  Anxiety can look different for everyone.  Learn the most common signs and symptoms below. Remember, if you feel like something is not quite right, even if you can't put your finger on it, it might be time to speak to a professional.
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excessive fear or worry about a number of events or activities (school, work,friends,etc)

difficulty controlling the worry

restlessness or feeling on edge

easily fatigued

Difficulty thinking clearly, remembering, concentrating, racing thoughts or mind going blank


muscle tension

sleep disturbances (difficulty falling or staying asleep, restless sleep)

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If you have been experiencing these symptoms more days than not for six months or more, you may have anxiety. Schedule an appointment at our American Fork, UT location with one of our anxiety therapists to get help.


Types of anxiety disorders

Chronic and repetitive panic attacks. A panic attack is a period of intense fear along with physical symptoms like elevated heart rate, dizziness and chest pain.

People with phobias have a strong, irrational fear reaction to common places, situations, or objects, even when they know there is no threat or danger. 

Chronic and persistent anxiety, fear, stress or worry, even when circumstances don't create it.

Recurring and unwanted thoughts/obsessions or repetitive behaviors (compulsions).

Presents as overwhelming self-consciousness in social situations.

Studies show that about 75% of people who enter psychotherapy show some benefit.

American Psychological Association

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Therapists who offer anxiety treatment in American Fork, UT: 

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Cori Lazarte

Daniela Cadmus

Mackenzie Preza

Michelle Beames

Nikki Harmon

Nikki has guided me through the most important self-navigating to date. Before our first meeting, I knew I needed some help but wasn't exactly sure what was going on. After every meeting I have new direction to improve myself and my relationships.


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There's no need to face your struggles alone. Our licensed therapists are here to assist you in navigating through the difficulties you're currently experiencing. You possess a strength that surpasses your expectations! The Family Therapy Clinic in American Fork, UT, we are here to support you.

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