Michelle Beames,

Areas of interest:
-Faith transitions/religious trauma
-Trauma (adults, young adults, older teens)
-Post-divorce support
-Sexual abuse
-Self esteem
-Stress management


Licensed Clinician

Michelle is a Licensed Clinical Social worker who got her Master's Degree from the University of Central Florida. Michelle is licensed in both Utah and California. She has been providing therapy services to individuals, couples and families for over 5 years. She has experience working with a range of difficult issues, and is very client-led in her approach. She uses evidence based modalities depending on the client's individual needs. She is a Certified Trauma Treatment Professional (2020) as well as Aegis Crisis Prevention and De-escalation Certified (2019). Michelle's goal as a therapist is to help you get to the source of your distress and start seeing positive change as quickly as possible. 

From Michelle,
"I am intimately familiar with the devastating impact that abuse and other adverse experiences can have on your life. Your sense of safety, trust in others, core beliefs, and even your faith can be shaken and may even seem to be destroyed. I have been trained and certified in trauma treatment in order to effectively help you overcome these experiences.  If you are struggling to move forward in your life, I would consider it a privilege to assist you with your unique healing process. "

Her other areas of expertise are anxiety, depression, post-divorce support, faith transitions/religious trauma, self-harm, self-esteem, stress management, relationships, and sexual abuse. 


face your old pains and traumas and heartbreaks, you'll forever be the victim of

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Psychotherapy works by creating a trusting therapeutic relationship, identifying problematic thoughts, and teaching tools to shift those thoughts and change problematic behaviors. Therapy also creates an environment where safe, healing, and connecting relationships between family members can take place. A good therapist will help you feel less overwhelmed, less alone, and more empowered in your life. Many people report feeling more hopeful even after just one session. 

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Teen therapy for anxiety + depression

1 in 4 adolescents experience mental disorders that result in severe impairment.

Living in this fast paced world full of comparison and social media, pandemics and unknowns, peer pressure and high expectations, it's no wonder that so many teenagers are struggling. As a parent it can be hard to know if it's normal teenage moodiness or if your teen is struggling with something above and beyond normal teenage stress. Do you know the signs and how to help your teen if they are struggling with their mental health?  

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