post divorce therapy

Your life has been turned upside down. What's next?

You thought you would be together forever, and now you find yourself alone and navigating divorce with what feels like a broken heart and broken life.  Is there life after divorce?

You feel lost and unsure how you will make it through. Your sleep, appetite and motivation have all been affected. 

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Through your divorce you may experience the following:

-Low self worth
-Lack of motivation
-Sleep problems (trouble falling or staying asleep, oversleeping)
-Fatigue, loss of energy
-Change in appetite
-Fear of the future/unknown
-Feelings of helplessness
-Feelings of anger
-Isolating/avoiding social interaction

You are not alone. Working with a licensed therapist can help you make sense of the things you are feeling through your divorce and after, and empower you to step into this new phase of your life with strength.

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You are not alone

What they said:

karen p.

Nikki is absolutely wonderful to work with. I found her during the thick of my very complicated, lengthy, and heavy divorce.

She helped me find peace, clarity, healing, and ultimately hope through my difficult journey. She met me where I was at and helped me find strength to not only carry on but to progress in life. Nikki is full of compassion, wonderful insight, and wisdom. I cannot recommend her enough!


I met with Nikki Harmon during the darkest days of my life while dealing with infidelity and the divorce that quickly followed.

She connects through her gift of empathy. The connection with Nikki helped me and the children feel lighter and happier. It may not have solved the entire problem, but it for sure lightened that emotional load we were carrying. My son told me once, “it feels good to have a therapist who knows what we’re going through and doesn’t feel sorry for us.” She is just wonderful and I am grateful for her goodness.

You are stronger than you think you are.

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Do you feel the following more often than not?

Persistent feelings of sadness, hopelessness, worthlessness, or emptiness/numbness

Irritability, frustration, or restlessness

Loss of interest in activities or hobbies that used to be enjoyable

Difficulty sleeping
Lack of energy

Difficulty thinking clearly, remembering, concentrating, or making decisions

Appetite or weight changes

Recurrent thoughts of death or suicide

Headaches, stomachaches, or back pain

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You may be experiencing various symptoms of depression. You do not have to suffer alone. Schedule with one of our licensed therapists today to get started on the path to healing.


unsure how to move forward

overwhelmed by the unknowns

grieving the loss of your life as you knew it

like no one understands what you're going through

Talking to a licensed therapist can help. You don't have to navigate divorce alone. Schedule a session today and start your journey to healing.

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