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When Mother’s Day Hurts

A teen looks off into the distance with a concerned expression. This could represent the stress of mothers day with complicated relationships. Learn how depression counseling in American Fork, UT can offer support by searching for anxiety and depression therapists in American Fork. Search for Utah family therapy for more support.
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When your close relationships are struggling, everything else in life feels harder. At The Family Therapy Clinic we want to help you heal, find peace in your life, and remember that you are not alone.

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A close up of flowers on a calendar opened to mothers day. Learn how depression counseling in American Fork, UT can help you address past trauma by searching for anxiety treatment in American Fork, UT. Contact a depression therapist in American Fork, UT for support.

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration love and family. But it isn’t a happy day for everyone. For some people, Mother’s Day hurts, and seeing that date looming on the calendar fills you with dread. Perhaps you’ve lost a child or your mother. Maybe you haven’t been able to have children when you desperately wanted to. Perhaps your relationship with your mother or children isn’t what you’d hoped for. There are many reasons Mother’s Day may not be a happy one. So how do you get through it? Let’s walk through some suggestions given by Sophia Dembling on Psychology Today.

Identify what you are dreading.

Usually, it’s emotions you don’t want to feel. This is why seeing that date on the calendar
starts filling us with dread. Ironically, the build-up of this dread can sometimes be worse
than the actual date. No matter how hard we try to push the feelings away, they must be
felt. If we stop the resistance and just allow ourselves to feel, it’s not usually as bad as we
think it will be. It’s often less painful to feel it than resist it. But most of us haven’t been
taught the skill of how to let an emotion be present and then pass through us. Instead, we
resist it, often by eating it, drinking it, shopping it, or reacting to it.

Name the emotion, then feel it.

A mother and child walk together along a shoreline in the evening. Contact depression therapists in American Fork, UT to address complicated relationships with family. Learn how anxiety treatment in American Fork, UT can also offer tips today.

What feeling are you trying to escape on Mother’s Day? Is it sadness? Loneliness?
Hopelessness? Regret? Power comes from naming the emotion. Then stop resisting and
allow yourself to feel it. Notice where you feel it. Is it in your chest? Your stomach?
Your throat? Notice how it feels. Is it tight? Constricting? Or heavy? If you allow the
feeling to happen, chances are it won’t last more than a few minutes. If there are more
emotions that need to be felt repeat the same steps.

Decide how to use or not use social media.

Does seeing the stream of Mother’s Day posts make you feel worse? Does visiting social
media support groups make you feel better? Social media is a tool, so how you choose to
use it matters. If using social during Mother’s Day will make you feel worse, then it is
perfectly fine to avoid it altogether.

There is no right way.

There is no set ritual or tradition that works for everyone. You need to find what is most
helpful for you. If you’ve lost your mother or a child and it’s helpful to visit their
gravesite, go. If it’s not, don’t. Honor your grief in whatever way feels right, that will
offer the most healing. Don’t force a ritual out of obligation. Similarly, if you don’t have
a good relationship with your mom, and it is more hurtful to buy a gift and visit her
during Mother’s Day, you don’t have to. Give yourself permission to do what is right for
you. Since this is a hard day for you, don’t forget to seek out some self-care too.

A close up of a person taking notes on a clipboard while sitting across from a woman. This could represent the support depression counseling in American Fork, UT can offer in overcoming past relationship issues. Search for depression therapy American Fork, UT to learn more about Utah family therapy and more.

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Remember that you get to choose whether or not to observe this (or any) special occasion. It’s ok if Mother’s Day is not your favorite day. Give yourself grace and allow yourself to feel through whatever comes up for you. If you need someone to help process the emotions that Mother’s Day might bring up for you, contact one of our licensed mental health professionals. They can help you cope with the anxiety, depression, or grief that may come up for you. Start your therapy journey with The Family Therapy Clinic by following these simple steps:

  1. Schedule a consultation.
  2. Learn more about how a couples therapist can help.
  3. Start creating stronger bonds!


At The Family Therapy Clinic, we provide comprehensive mental health services designed to address your unique needs. We are happy to offer couples therapy, but this isn’t the only service we offer. Our team of specialized therapists is happy to offer therapy for teens facing anxiety and depressionadult anxiety, and OCD therapy, ensuring a holistic approach to mental wellness across different life stages. We also offer support post-divorce and with faith deconstruction. Visit our blog for more helpful info!

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