Janna Hargadon


Janna is all in with the idea that creativity, mindfulness and self- compassion practices can change lives for the better. She has a calming and accepting energy about her and has the ability to connect with people on a deep level.

She believes that we are all innately capable and creative beings, though often that part of ourselves is suppressed due to anxious and self-critical thoughts. This belief has taken her on a journey to study studio art and psychology.  Last year she attended BYU and studied art with Jennifer Barton and Positive Psychology and mindfulness practices with Dr. Jared Warren. She was mentored in thought work and meditation under Dr. Pamela Goldschmidt at Life Net Strategies.

She is currently receiving certification in The Power of Awareness from the University of California, Berkeley's Greater Good Science Center and The Awareness Training Institute. 

She will soon receive her accredited Life Coach Certification in Art Therapy from Transformation Academy.

Janna has facilitated groups of women in The Artist Way- a twelve-week course that guides the participants through the process of recovering their creative selves. She has also taught art at Quickwater Ranch in Idaho for more than 10 summers.  This led to her and a friend to design a nature journaling course which combines mindfulness, creativity and connection to nature. The process has been nothing short of transformative and she has a passion for sharing that transformative power with her students.

Janna's family lovingly refers to her as Moonshine Mama because she has taken up brewing water kefir (a bubbly fermented drink) and tries to get everyone to drink it. The drama of the exploding kefir bottles during her learning process is still something she chooses not to speak of.  
Janna loves spending time in nature, deep thinking, loving on her grandbabies, and has recently taken up cold plunging (a practice which entails quite literally plunging yourself into bone-chillingly cold water for various health benefits).  

She is so excited to be facilitating the Mindfulness Skills group at The Family Therapy Clinic! But be careful, she just might bring her water kefir. ;)

The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside. i firmly believe that nature brings solace

in all troubles