Cori Lazarte,

Areas of interest:
-Grief & loss
-Teens 13+
-Relationship issues



Cori received her Bachelor’s degree in Family Studies from Brigham Young University and is currently obtaining her Master’s in Marriage Family Therapy from COAMFTE  accredited Abilene Christian University, which is the highest level of MFT accreditation in the nation.

For 7+ years Cori has worked in the mental/behavioral health field working with state and private clinics, as well as community organizations. Cori has experience with behavioral interventions,
mentoring youth in foster/proctor care, and managing mental health clinics.

Cori supports her clients by using a systemic approach and focuses on strengthening critical relationships including couple relationships, parent-child relationships, as well as relationships with oneself and the client's personal belief systems. She also has a special interest in Emotionally Focused Therapy, and believes that understanding emotions and attachment plays a large role in moving towards emotional health.

Cori has experienced difficult losses in her own life and understands how overwhelming and lonely grief can be. She is passionate about helping others as they walk their own path towards healing.


"What's the bravest thing you've ever said?"
asked the boy.
said the horse.
"asking for help isn't giving up," said the horse.
"it's refusing to give up."

Charlie Mackesy

The boy, the mole, the fox and the horse


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Psychotherapy works by creating a trusting therapeutic relationship, identifying problematic thoughts, and teaching tools to shift those thoughts and change problematic behaviors. Therapy also creates an environment where safe, healing, and connecting relationships between family members can take place. A good therapist will help you feel less overwhelmed, less alone, and more empowered in your life. Many people report feeling more hopeful even after just one session. 

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Teen therapy for anxiety + depression

1 in 4 adolescents experience mental disorders that result in severe impairment.

Living in this fast paced world full of comparison and social media, pandemics and unknowns, peer pressure and high expectations, it's no wonder that so many teenagers are struggling. As a parent it can be hard to know if it's normal teenage moodiness or if your teen is struggling with something above and beyond normal teenage stress. Do you know the signs and how to help your teen if they are struggling with their mental health?  

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